NDEx v2.3.1 Official Release (Q3-2018 Update)

Posted by Rudi Pillich

NDEx v2.3.1 Official Release The NDEx Team is happy to announce that NDEx v2.3.1 is now available to use on the Public NDEx Server!
An installation bundle can also be downloaded from our FTP Server for sites running their own NDEx instances. New features in NDEx v2.3.1 simplify the user experience and support publication and dissemination of networks. Here is just a sample of the updates we have been working on:

  • Export Neighborhood Query Result- In NDEx 2.3.1, Neighborhood Query results can be exported in tabular format (tab-delimited text) directly by using the new Download Result button available in the Query result page. This new feature is available to all users, both anonymous and logged-in. For a detailed guide on using the Neighborhood Query, please refer to the user manual Finding and Querying Networks in NDEx.

  • Open in Cytoscape - The existing feature has been improved as part of the ongoing effort to better integrate NDEx and Cytoscape. Private networks can now be opened in Cytoscape along with unsaved "Neighborhood Query" results; once again, this feature is available to all users, both anonymous and logged-in.
    Note: in order to use this feature, Cytoscape 3.6.0 or later must be running on your machine, the latest CyNDEx-2 App (v2.2.3) installed and the CyREST service listening on its default port (1234).

  • Custom Network Sample - For large networks, the NDEx network viewer displays a randomly generated 300 edges sample to present a visually interpretable subset of the data. In NDEx v2.3.1, users have two methods to specify a custom sample to be displayed therefore improving the presentation of a large network:
    1. Run a neighborhood query on a large network and use the "Set Sample" button to set the result to be the displayed sample.
    2. Click the "More" button in the network view page and choose "Set Network Sample" to specify the UUID of another network to use as sample.
    For more details, please review the user manual Finding and Querying Networks in NDEx.

Plus new network content, an updated CyNDEx-2 App and more... A lot more! Please take some time to review the NDEx v2.3.1 Release Notes and learn about all the improvements and features now available in NDEx!

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All the best,
The NDEx Team