NDEx v2.2 Official Release (Q3-2017 Update)

Posted by Rudi Pillich

NDEx v2.2 Official Release We are proud to announce that NDEx v2.2 is now available to use on the  Public NDEx Server! A downloadable installation bundle is also available on our FTP Server for sites running their own NDEx instances. New features in NDEx v2.2 simplify the user experience and support publication and dissemination of networks. Here are three major updates:

  • Google Sign In - You can conveniently sign in to NDEx using your Google credentials! All it takes is that your NDEx account email should be a Gmail address. (Its easy to update that email address on your account page).

  • Request a DOI - You can request a Digital Object Identifier for networks you include in publications or grant proposals. This provides a stable, persistent id for the world to to access and re-use your published networks. Additional details in our new user manual Publishing in NDEx.

  • Notification Badges - In addition to email notifications, the NDEx Web UI now displays badges in the "Tasks & Notifications" tab to visually alert users about the presence of new items requiring action.
Additional details about new features and improvements are available in our NDEx v2.2 Release Notes: as usual, we recommend you review this document carefully prior to using NDEx v2.2... and don't forget to clear your browser's cache!!!

Finally, there are two new publications related to NDEx:

  • The November 1st  issue of  the AACR Cancer Research journal contains an "online-only" special section focused on computer resources featuring several tools developed under the NCI-ITCR program and freely available to the research community.  For more information and direct links to the articles, READ HERE.

  • The article describing ndexR, the NDEx R client, was published on October 26th in the Bioinformatics journal. The ndexR package is available on Bioconductor.

Please contact us if you have questions, need support or are interested in starting a collaboration! You can stay in touch with the NDEx Project by following us on Twitter, LinkedIn, visiting our Informational/Doc website or signing up for our newsletter (no more than 1 email per month... we promise!).

All the best,
The NDEx Team