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Posted by Rudi Pillich


The NDEx Project aims to become a main hub for storing, sharing and publishing biological network data and a very important part of our efforts is focused on providing interesting, valuable and re-usable content to enable interaction and collaboration within the scientific community worldwide.

We recently updated the NDEx database to include the latest "Extended Binary SIF" versions of the NCI Pathway Interaction Database and Reactome Pathway Database obtained via Pathway Commons… Over 250 curated networks that, combined to the content from the OpenBEL Consortium, bring 1 million edges right at your fingertips!!!

And more interesting content is coming soon… We are working with the CTD Team to make the newer version of the Comparative Toxicogenomics Database available on NDEx: over 770,000 edges connecting chemical compounds, genes and diseases!

And the upcoming NDEx support for BioPAX format networks will provide even more powerful content to share and collaborate on!

Let us know what you think of the new content and feel free to connect with us anytime to recommend new features and suggest improvements.