NDEx 2.0 Official Release!

Posted by Rudi Pillich


Less than 2 weeks have passed since the release of the NDEx 2.0 Preview Server and thanks to your support, we are proud to announce that NDEx 2.0 is READY for prime time… NDEx 2.0 is now live on our Public Server at www.ndexbio.org.

Differently from previous releases, NDEx 2.0 is only available on our Public server at this moment; we plan on releasing an installation bundle that includes additional components and documentation later in Q1 2017.

Being NDEx 2.0 a major upgrade from the previous v1.3, we recommend that you review our NDEx 2.0 Release Notes  carefully for details on changes, new features and limitations. In addition, if you have visited NDEx before, we strongly recommend to clear your browser’s cache and then force a refresh of the page as we have seen that this helps avoiding unexpected behaviors in the web application.

Finally, we remind you that your feedback is a valuable resource and we wouldn’t have achieved our milestones without it… so, don’t hesitate to report bugs, suggest improvements or reach out if you are interested in starting a collaboration.

We wish you all Merry Christmas and happy holidays with your family and friends.

The NDEx Team