Creating and Using an NDEx Account

Last updated: October 18th, 2017

This manual is a step by step guide that shows how to create and use an NDEx account. Please review it carefully as it provides important information required to use all NDEx features.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The screenshots in all our user manuals are for training purposes and might be different from the actual screen output you will obtain when working on the current NDEx version deployed to our public server.

  • On the NDEx landing page, select "Sign in" in the top right corner

  • Now, you can either sign in using your Google account credentials (faster and preferred) or choose "Click here to sign up" to create a new account.
  • When creating a new account, we recommend you use your Gmail address (if you have one) so that you can then take advantage of the new sign in feature.
  • If you already have an NDEx account, you can update your existing email address and substitute it with a Gmail address to start using the new sign-in feature.

  • If you chose to Sign up, a dialog box will appear. All fields must be filled in order to sign up. The system does not allow duplicate account names or email addresses. Please make sure you review and accept the terms and condition before proceeding. After clicking "Sign Up" you will be required to check your email to verify and activate your new account.

"My Account" Screen

  • Once signed up, you will land on your "My Account" page. This page has 3 tabs that will show all the Networks that your account manages, the Groups to which the account has direct access and your Tasks & Notifications.
  • As soon as you create your account, it will look empty like the one in the image below.
  • For the rest of this and other tutorials, we will use example accounts that have access to several different networks and groups

Edit Profile

  • Click the blue "Edit Account" menu button on the left of the user page and select "Edit Personal Info"
  • The same blue "Edit Account " menu button also allows you to "Change your Password" or "Delete you Account"

  • Fill out the fields in the displayed dialog box (none of the fields are required, so any may be left blank).
  • Click submit to make the changes.
  • (Note that if you do not already have an image URL, you can use an image hosting site such as to store an image and then reference it from NDEx.)

Account Groups

  • On the account page, all groups in which the user is member of can be seen by clicking on the"Groups" tab
  • You can also filter by name or role in a group using the search bar and checkboxes

Requests and Tasks

  • Requests and Tasks relative to your account activity are displayed in the "Tasks & Notifications" tab
  • Requests sent and received are displayed in the right panel, while other tasks in the left panel. You will receive a request ONLY if you are the admin of a group or network another user wants to join or access, respectively.
  • You can use the "refresh" icon on each of the panels to update the content.
  • Individual tasks can be deleted by clicking the trash can icon; to clear the tasks panel, use the "Delete All" link in the top right corner of the panel.

  • Click on a received request to respond; click on a request you have sent to delete it.

Sign Out

  • The sign out button is located on the right end side of the top menu bar.