Best Practices for Developers

The NDEx team is working to (1) increase the performance and resources of the public server and (2) implement limits on activity as appropriate to a shared public resource, but we also ask for your help in making NDEx a success for all of us.

It is OK to use the NDEx public server for the operations specified in our tutorials, using the suggested example networks, but once you start developing in earnest, it's better to experiment in an environment where errors have limited consequences:

1. Please read the full document explaining how to work with networks using the NDEx API.

2. You can run your own NDEx Server and test your applications locally. Please check our installation instructions to download and install your own NDEx Server instance.

3. For applications that use the NDEx public server, be considerate of other users: design your application with server load in mind! For example, caching of the results of repetitive requests will reduce server load and typically improve the performance of an application.

Thank you for developing on NDEx and contributing to a satisfactory end-user experience.

The NDEx Team