NDEx Python Client

Last updated: October 1st, 2018


The NDEx Python Client is a module that simplifies access to the NDEx Server API and provides convenience methods for common operations on networks. Bugs, feature requests and other issues relative to the NDEx Python Client should be reported through the respective client GitHub pages.

There are 2 versions of the NDEx Python Client users can choose from:

  • RECOMMENDED The updated ndex2 v2.0 client requires Python 3 and emphasis has been placed on importing and exporting in standard formats such as Pandas Data Frames and Networkx. This client has also been tuned up for optimal performance and is compatible with NetworkX 2.x.

    For the ndex2 v2.0 Sphinx documentation, please visit THIS PAGE. Additional docs and examples including Jupyter Notebooks are available in the client's GitHub repo.

  • The legacy NDEx Python Client v3.1 requires Python 2.7.9 and provides Python 3 compatibility. Although this client is supported and maintained, it is now obsolete and no additional development is planned. For additional info, examples and API documentation, CLICK HERE.