NDEx R Client

Last updated: May 16th, 2018


The NDEx R Client (ndexR) is a module that simplifies access to the NDEx Server API and provides convenience methods for common operations on networks. It was developed by the Kramer Lab at the Univeristy of Goettingen, Germany.


ndexR GitHub Repository: https://github.com/frankkramer-lab/ndexr
All inquiries about ndexR as well as bug reports should be directed to the Kramer Lab.


ndexR is available as a Bioconductor package.

Cheat Sheet

This Cheat Sheet provides examples of basic functionalities for performing common operations on networks. You can download a PDF version of this Cheat Sheet by clicking the Download PDF button at the top right of this page.

Cytoscape Automation

The NDEx R client also makes it simple to work with NDEx via Cytoscape. An NDEx-Cytoscape example in R is available in THIS VIGNETTE and included in the latest RCy3 Bioconductor package.